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Betfirst Casino Logo Betfirst Casino All bonuses carry a 50x wagering requirement. First deposit free spins are added...
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Bingoal Logo Bingoal Various bonus types, bonus money must be wagered 40 times after the bonus...
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Blitz Logo Blitz GET BONUS
Bwin Logo Bwin Players must earn x4 the deposit amount in points to withdraw the bonus...
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Casino777 Logo Casino777 Bonus has to be wagered 15x within 90 days before the bonus can...
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Circus Logo Circus Bonus must be wagered 30 times within 90 days from granting before a...
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Eurotierce Logo Eurotierce Winnings won with games that require deposit, have to be wagered 35x. The...
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Golden Palace Logo Golden Palace Bonus money must be wagered 40 times within 5 days after the bonus...
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Ladbrokes Logo Ladbrokes 40x wagering on selected games. Play on Live Casino games does not qualify.
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SuperGame Logo SuperGame GET BONUS
Unibet Logo Unibet Bonus has to be wagered 15x within 90 days before the bonus can...
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Best Casino Bonus

Do you love casinos? Of course, you do, that’s why you’re here! So you’ll no doubt be even fonder of casino bonuses because they’re free casino money. Even if you didn’t like casinos you’d probably like the free casino money part of casino bonuses unless you’re a radical non-materialist, in which case we commend you! For our more materialist fans, we’re pleased to give you everything you need to know about free casino bonuses in one place. Online casinos have been on the rise in recent years. This is hard to ignore when trying to find a suitable place for gambling. There is a huge number of online casinos, which can make it hard to pick just one. Will you go for 888Casino, CasinoEuro, or are you perhaps more curious about Royal Panda? Generally, their game selection is somewhat identical. This is why many players are more interested in their casino bonus schemes. If you play it smart, these online casino bonuses might make you a lot of money.

Why claim free casino bonuses?

This is kind of covered in the name. If you don’t want free money to play the casino games you love then, well, we don’t know what to say to you. However, it is not quite as simple as that, because nothing ever is. So free casino bonuses will give you a larger balance on your casino account, but will it actually give you free cash? Well, yes and no – and we’ll cover this in more detail later – but it’s certainly fair to say that this “free money” actually comes with quite a lot of catches. But you probably knew that. Even so, we still think it is worth claiming free online casino bonuses, and by this, we mean free casino chips, which you might see at casino referral sites, and no deposit casino bonuses.

Playing for free is the safest way to gamble. Of course, it’s the possibility of big wins that lies at the heart of the attraction of gambling. But with that possibility comes the possibility of losing cash. You should always bear that in mind. And when it comes to new sites the chance to play for free should certainly be taken. How else are you doing to find out if this is a site that is worth spending your time and money on? We go on and on here about using your brain when gambling for real money. The first rule of any gambler should be to have as much information as they can about any site or any game that they are playing. Free chips and no deposit casino bonuses are your pass to take a recon trip around the place where you intend to do battle. You have to take that chance!

How do you convert free casino money chips into real money?

We’ve mentioned that there are restrictions on free casino chips and no deposit casino bonuses. You surely have the imagination and intelligence to see why. Let’s imagine the hypothetical situation. Casino site: Hey gambler, here’s £20 to spend free, no strings attached at my casino. Gambler: Wow. That’s great, yes, please. The gambler then stakes their money on roulette and wins at around the average theoretical return to player of above 90% and cashes out with their £18 winnings never to return again. Two weeks later, the site goes bankrupt.

So you should accept that you are entering into a deal with a casino site when they offer you free play. They are doing so in order to get you to spend real time and real money at their site. This is usually done with “play through” rules or “gambling restrictions”. These are most commonly expressed as a multiple of any free bonus – 3X, 10x, 5X – and they refer to the amount of YOUR OWN MONEY that you will have to wager at the site (and possibly lose, remember) before you are allowed to access any money that you win from bets made with your free bonus or free casino chips.

These restrictions might also require that you make a number of real cash casino deposits in your account. That you use the site for a certain amount of time. They may also restrict the games you are allowed to play using your online casino bonus funds, and reduce the impact of some games (usually the most popular and lucrative) on paying off your play-through. That doesn’t make no deposit casino bonuses a bad deal. You still have the same chance of winning at these games as you would if you were using your own money, and you still have the chance to check out a load of games for free, assessing if you want to use them further. But to turn your free casino chips or no deposit casino bonus into real cash takes time and patience – something every good gambler should make their first skill!

What is a casino bonus code?

Tracking free online casino bonuses is key to the business of the casino sites. They’re not going to hand over free cash, no strings attached, and they’re not going to hand over free games without a way of tracking that. Bonus codes are a great way to do this. They also have a role to play in the wider gambling infrastructure of the web. Gamblers want a good deal and a safe, legal site with good games. That’s not too much to ask, is it? Well, it shouldn’t be, but there’s no shortage of bad deals, unsafe sites, and outright scams in the online gambling world. So gamblers go looking for information.

That’s where good-quality casino reviews sites come in. And these sites have become a valuable resource for casino sites because they send players to the sites. That’s not to say that such sites are corrupt. This sort of relationship is well-established as a way of doing business – you might think of it as a form of advertising, which the online gambling world does much less of than most other business sectors. A way of making sure that a player clicks on your link from a referral or review site is to offer a bonus code to users of the site. This might be words, it might be letters, it might be simple numbers. To cash it in, all you have to do is type it in when prompted as you sign up to an online gambling site.

Whatever you think of the overall business model, these online casino bonus codes are definitely worth having and definitely worth using, because they will always offer a better deal than the standard welcome casino bonus offer. That’s why we always recommend gamblers keep an eye on site and industry news all the time. A well-informed gambler is always likely to get better deals and to suffer fewer reverses.

How to claim the best casino bonuses in 2019

In short – shop around! Really. It is that simple. Well, OK, there’s a bit more to it than that, because advertising and – if we’re completely honest about this – capitalist business models, in general, are dedicated to getting as much money as possible from customers to business. So you need to be an informed consumer. And that means knowing that advertising promises are not always what they appear to be.

Information is power!

Now more than ever. So don’t always jump at good headline offers and always make sure that you read the small print.

This is particularly true in the gaming business. Claiming a casino bonus from a gambling site is usually a one-off deal. So you want to make it count. It’s fair enough, you can only really be a new member once, but that’s why it’s a good idea to exercise caution. Just because you see an online casino offer that looks great doesn’t mean that you won’t find one that’s even better with a bit of searching.

Lots of gambling businesses are part of larger conglomerates, and signing up at one site might de facto make you a member of a whole network. So, you don’t want to blow your bonus chance for a whole family of sites on a single shiny offer at a site you don’t really love, when maybe waiting and searching would get you a free, no deposit casino bonus worth a week’s worth of play at a site that you really love!

Shop around. Inform yourself. Think before you act.

Part of the bargain with free, no deposit bonuses and free casino money chips is also an exchange of information. Information is a valuable commodity in the internet age and you should guard yours with a certain amount of care.

Don’t panic. In most cases, signing up for an attractive casino bonus at a site that you’re never really going to use in the long wrong will just mean a few annoying promotions emails, but, as most sign-ups require your date of birth and maybe even payment details, it could be more serious than that.

So to claim the best casino bonuses in 2019 make sure you use sites like ours to confirm that a site is safe to play at.

What is a casino bonus and when do I get it?

In a local casino, you are often welcomed with a free bite and drink. This is obviously not possible in an online casino. Luckily, a great alternative was found, which lets players feel valued after all. This is the casino bonus. There are a number of casino bonuses that are intended for new players. Whether you are creating an account for the very first time or is the first time you make a deposit, both of these moments will be a reason for the casino to reward you with a welcome bonus.

However, there are more of such bonuses specifically benefiting loyal players. You might, for instance, get an online casino bonus for regularly depositing money in your account or for inviting friends to sign up to the casino.

The most common bonuses you might come across are: 100% deposit bonus offers, No deposit bonuses, Free spins, reload casino bonuses, Cashback bonuses, Mobile casino bonus, Friend bonuses. All of these casino bonuses are markedly different. About time to explore and find out more about these different types of bonuses.

A first deposit will get you free casino money

At many online casinos, you will receive a high casino bonus once you deposit money in your account for the first time. The 100% welcome bonus is very common. With this, the casino will automatically double your first deposit. So, once you choose to deposit €50,- in your account, you will get an additional €50,- from the casino – for free! In total, you will have €100,- in your account that you can use to try out the various casino games.

There are several variants of this 100% deposit bonus. Some casinos opt for giving away a 50% bonus, whereas others might even give you a welcome bonus of 200%. However, this percentage does not necessarily mean anything. All gambling companies have capped the bonus amount that they will pay out. Most casinos employ a maximum amount of around €100,-. Although there are some instances where you might get several hundred, or only a few tens. You get the picture: the amount of this deposit bonus varies greatly.

Free Spins

Another popular welcome bonus is the so-called free spin bonus. With this, the casino gives you a number of free spins (turns) that you can use on the slot machines or video slots. Sometimes you will get 10 or 20 free spins, sometimes even 100 turns or more. And the profit you make with these free spins is all yours to keep. Hopefully, luck will be on your side right away! There are casinos that let you determine for yourself how to employ the free spins. Although this is not necessarily the case everywhere. Often a casino selects a specific game, such as the popular video slot Starburst. There are actually various moments on which you may receive these free spins. Sometimes you might get them right after making your first deposit. Though mostly you will receive these free spins right after completing your registration at the casino. You are not even obliged to deposit money in your account. The free spins are really just a way of casually getting to know the casino in case.

No deposit casino bonus

Free spins can only be used on slot machines or video slots. However, as a new player, you might be tempted to try your hand at a game of roulette or blackjack. This is possible with the No Deposit Bonus. You receive the No Deposit Bonus at the time of creating your account. And the name says it all. This bonus does not require you to make a deposit. Most casinos opt for a bonus amount of around €10,-. It might not be much, but it is obviously a nice get-to-know with the gambling company. After completing your registration, the bonus is usually already added to your account. So you can get started right away! By the way, the money of the No Deposit Bonus is only meant as playing credit. It is not possible to have the amount deposited in your bank account directly.

The reload bonus and other VIP-programs

For new players, a casino will be more than happy to fork over attractive welcome bonuses. Although, once you have been a loyal customer for a longer period of time, you obviously deserve some kind of reward as well. Each casino employs a different reward bonus scheme for loyal players. You might come across the reload bonus. This bonus rewards you for making a new deposit (reload) after your first deposit. The more frequent and the higher your deposits, the higher your bonus amount will be. And this can get pretty high. Generally the value of the reload bonus is much higher than that of the standard welcome bonus. However, not all casinos work with a reload bonus. There are some alternative bonuses for loyal players to benefit from as well. Some online casinos have put together some kind of VIP-program. At Royal Panda, for example, you receive bonus points for each game that you play in the game lobby. The Amsterdam Casino has a similar reward system. Once you have collected enough points, you can exchange those for free playing credits or for luxury goods. How about that for a nice reward?

Limit your losses with the cashback bonus

Luck plays an extremely important role in a casino. For most games, you only have a limited influence on the outcome. Especially for slot machines and video slots your fate is in the hands of the Random Number Generator (RNG). It does not matter how much experience you have with the casino game in question. When fate is frowning upon you, you can say goodbye to that nice profit. As such, it is a good thing that most casinos allow you to somewhat limit your losses. For this, they invented the so-called cashback bonus. With the cashback bonus, you will get a part of your bet back if you lose the casino game. The bonus amount depends on your bet amount. So, you will always be reimbursed a certain percentage (usually somewhere in the region of 5% to 20%) of the money that you gambled with. The reimbursed amount can consequently be reused as cash for playing. Each casino puts its own spin on the cashback bonus. For some platforms, this bonus only applies to certain games. Other casinos prefer to work with a previously set playtime. Say, you receive a cashback bonus for a total of 5% on all hypermodern video slots and classic slot machines. This bonus adds up over a period of a week. Of all the money that you lose in that particular week, you will be reimbursed 5%. If you end up losing a total of €200,-, the casino will transfer €10,- back into your account. This makes up a small part of your loss.

Bonuses for mobile gambling

Casino bonuses are often used when there is something to promote. The bonuses in the mobile casino are a great example of this. In order to lure players to the mobile platform, extra bonuses are handed out. You might, for instance, receive a bonus when playing a game in the casino app for the very first time, or upon making a deposit via your mobile phone. The bonus for mobile gambling is not related to the regular welcome bonus. This means that new players get a bonus when they sign up, when they make their first deposit and when they start gambling via the mobile app. So you are all set for a great start!

Even more interesting casino bonuses

Attractive bonuses and promotions are a very effective way of attracting new players. It might sometimes look like each casino is trying to outdo the competition. When you look at the various promotion pages, you might be astounded by the number of promotions that are currently active. The friend bonus is one of those popular and often-used promotions. With this, the casino relies on your network, as a player. Because if you enjoy gambling at Royal Panda or 888, you obviously want your friends to try out that casino as well. With the friend bonus, you receive a reward for each player that you sign up to the casino. Please note that these players have to make an actual deposit. Otherwise, you will lose out on the friend bonus regardless. Many gamblers use the friend bonus. Although there are more promotions for you to keep an eye out for. Casinos like to give away bonuses around special days or events. Is is almost Christmas time, or is Valentine’s Day coming up? Those kind of moments are perfect for a great promotion. The start of the weekend can be another reason for rewarding loyal players with an interesting bonus. 888Casino, for instance, offers a different promotion every single day. On Winning Wednesday you might be reimbursed with a maximum of €20,- if you lose your money in the casino. And on Jackpot Manic Monday you can earn up to €150,- free playing credit for playing on one of the selected jackpot slots. All these different kinds of bonuses ensure that there is quite some free cash for playing waiting for you.

Stay informed about active bonus promotions

The welcome bonuses are generally fixed. However, there are plenty of promotions that are only temporary. Perhaps the casino recently added a new game to the website, or perhaps there is an anniversary for them to celebrate. On these kinds of moments, there might be extra promotions. And if you are not paying attention, you might just lose out on a nice bonus. It is a good thing that online casinos keep you informed via various channels. Their websites often have a separate promotions page. They will also heavily advertise the most important promotions on social media. As a loyal player, you might even receive e-mails containing extra bonus codes. This way, the casino rewards you for your regular activity in the gaming lobby.

Take note of the bonus conditions

A casino bonus is always a nice little extra. One of these 100% deposit bonuses, cashback bonuses or friend bonuses might just get you extra cash for playing. However, these promotions might at times appear more attractive than they really are. Each promotion has specific terms and conditions. Some of these bonus conditions can be pretty strict. For instance, for a 100% deposit bonus, it is common that you first have to unlock the bonus. This can be done by betting the bonus amount a certain number of times. A minimum of 30 or 35 times is considered fair in the world of online gambling. Say, you make a first deposit of €50,- and the conditions state that you have to bet the bonus amount at least 30 times. So, this requires you to spend at least €1500,- in the casino before the money actually becomes yours. Often you only have some 90 days to achieve this. Consider carefully whether this is actually an option with your speed of frequency of playing. Another common demand is that you have to deposit a certain minimum amount (for the deposit bonus) or bet a minimum amount (for the cashback bonus). Are you falling short of this amount? Unfortunately, you will not be entitled to anything. These bonus conditions might be stricter for one casino than for another. It therefore really pays off to compare the various platforms ahead of time. Casinos are obliged to publish the conditions on their website. If you take your time to figure them out, you will know exactly what you are up against.

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